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Reminder about winter weather affecting choir practice:


If Academy School District 20 cancels school on a Wednesday, or declares an early dismissal due to weather on a Wednesday, or cancels after-school activities on a Wednesday, there will not be choir practice that night. Cancelation of choir practice in that eventuality is immediately triggered and is unappealable, even if the weather improves or is not as severe as predicted, because it is parish and diocesan policy to follow the local school district's declaration.

If the school district declares a late start on a Wednesday, choir practice is not affected by that declaration.

Despite the school district's decision to keep school in session on any Wednesday, I might cancel choir practice myself due to forecast bad weather or dangerous road conditions in the evening before practice or forecast bad weather during or around the end of practice.

If practice is canceled, I will notify choir members via a message on the choir phone app and by posting a banner announcement on the choir website.

If practice will be held but you do not feel comfortable driving to the church for rehearsal, please stay home.

Weather will never affect the Mass schedule: Mass will always be celebrated as scheduled, regardless of weather or road conditions. Of course, if it would be dangerous for you to drive to Mass, you should not venture out, even if it's a Sunday. The Sunday Mass obligation does not bind in conscience if you are not able to drive safely to Mass due to dangerous road conditions. It might happen that the roads are dangerous in the morning but safe in the evening, or vice-versa; you have to use your own judgment. The priests don't have to drive to Mass; they only have to walk from the rectory to the church, which is why Mass will always be celebrated as scheduled, regardless of weather.

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